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BGA COAT is a compound designed by Computer Systems laboratories research team, to improve the stability of BGA components on high risk applications (military, automotive, aviation etc).

BGA COAT creates an interconnect between the BGA component and the PCB and also a coating around the solder balls of the component. This product is now offered for use on repairs (reballing or reflow of GPU and other BGA components) of commercial electronics such as laptops, gaming consoles etc.

BGA COAT is essentially a permanent stencil that can be formed by the process known as casting. During this process, the liquid-stencil is being fed between the BGA and the PCB.

BGA COAT compared to EPOXY adhesives that are being used as under-fills has the following advantages

1. It is non EPOXY and non toxic.

2. It can be applied without mechanical means by using only a spatula (provided in the packet)

3. It is commercially available for use in small workshops (EPOXY adhesives for under filling are available for industrial use only)

4. It has good thermal conductivity (higher than most thermal pads and thermal pastes). This results in equalizing the temperature in the base of the BGA component eliminating the chances of a problem because of partially overheating of the component.

    Key features of BGA COAT:

  • BGA COAT creates an interconnect between the BGA component and the PCB. The component is strongly attached on the PCB and the chances of mechanical damage (such as after a drop test) is practically eliminated.
  • BGA COAT creates a coating around the solder balls of the component. The solder balls are protected from environmental effects such as humidity and oxidation and the chances of joint fracture is limited. Also the phenomenon of tin whisker growth is limited and the flow of solder from one joint to another. 
  • BGA COAT has good thermal conductivity (higher than most thermal pads and thermal pastes). This results in equalizing the temperature in the base of the BGA component eliminating the chances of a problem because of partially overheating of the component. It can also create a direct connection between the base of the BGA component and the system’s heat-sink. This way the temperature of the base of the BGA is reduced significantly
  • BGA COAT while it cures, absorbs all the humidity that could be located under the component and around the solder balls. This way the solder balls are coated in a dry and well protected environment.
  • BGA COAT can be applied very easily by using only a spatula that is provided. Packaging includes everything that is needed for up to 100 repairs (packet contains enough material to produce around 70ml of BGA COAT. Most BGA components require around 0.5ml of BGA COAT to be placed under them)
  • BGA COAT can keep it’s form and size for temperatures up to 250 degrees (Celsius).
  • BGA COAT eliminates all usual problems associated with coatings in electronic products such as coating inspection, cleaning process assessment, coating defects including non or de-wetting, delamination, coating contamination and coating bubbles (BGA COAT is a self-aerated product).

    Packet contains:

2 X 25ml (50ml in total) of liquid Binder A

1 X 25g of powder Filler B

1 X dispenser with measure indications (ml)

1 X spatula

1 X container box where the product should be stored

Price includes VAT 23%. If you are VAT registered in EU please contact us before purchasing and we will offer a quote without VAT. Greek business customers should provide their business info in order to issue a commercial invoice. BGA COAT is produced in EU (Greece) and is shipped directly from our production center in Thessaloniki Greece.



Send us your feedback, comments and suggestions about BGA COAT and we double your next order of BGA COAT *

*(We will send you one more packet of BGA COAT for each packet that you will order and pay. Example: if you order 2 packets we will send you 4 packets in total while you will only pay for two. Offer is for orders up to 5 packets. If you order more than 5 then only 5 additional packets will be sent for free. Offer can be used for each customer only one time and only on their second order. Feedback should be sent by email to ).

    Application instructions

Mix Binder A with Filler B at a ratio of 2:1 (i.e. 1 ml Filler B with 2 ml Binder A ). Using the spatula provided stir well for about 2 minutes until all Filler B is dissolved into Binder A. Gap between BGA component and PCB should be clean (if BGA has been reworked then there should be no signs of flux. Rework with nitrogen is suggested).  Keep the PCB in a vertical position. Using the spatula feed slowly the mixture into a BGA/PCB gap until all feed disappears into the gap. Continue feeding until mixture appears at the other end. Now keep the PCB horizontal making sure that the mixture appears on all gaps. Wait for about 30 minutes and wipe all mixture located outside of the gaps making sure that air can get to the edges of the gap. Mixture needs 48 hours to cure. Store the PCB in a well ventilated area for 48 hours before installing any other component on it (heat sink etc) or placing it back to the system that it comes from. Attention! No electrical power should be applied on the PCB during the first 48 hours. When in liquid form, mixture is electrically conductive and permanent damage could be caused.

    You can see a video with instructions on how to prepare BGA COAT here:



    Storage of Packing and Precautions

12 months in unopened packing. 3 months in closed packing after opening.  Must not come into contact with materials like pure Fe or Fe-free metals during storage. Protect from frost. Use protective gloves when mixing, eyes protection, and take usual precautions when handling chemical products like ventilation. The user is responsible for any improper use of the product.


Tools used for mixing and applying the coating can be cleaned with cleaning tissue paper before setting begins. After hardening, they can only be cleaned by mechanical means.


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