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K5-PRO Thermal Paste


K5-PRO viscous thermal paste is developed and produced by Computer Systems laboratories research department. This product was developed as part of C.S. Labs BGA rework research project with the support of Greece and European Union. This product is designed to reduce the chances of BGA component failure for reasons related to overheating. This offer is for a packet of K5-PRO gummy thermal paste.

    Key Features of K5-PRO:

K5-PRO is a high quality gummy thermal paste designed for use on memory chips and GPUs of various computers including PS3 CECHAxx, Apple iMac A1235 video boards. This is the only commercially available product at the moment that can replace the gummy thermal paste that is originally used by Apple.
K5-PRO can replace soft thermal pads that are used on computers (up to 3mm thick).
K5-PRO has thermal conductivity K>5,3 W/m.K * (at least 3 times higher than common thermal pads that are used on computers and commercial electronics).
K5-PRO is applied very easily directly on the component and has no electrical conductivity. It can be heated up to 250 degrees (Celsius) and has a long operational life time (pracically infinite after the installation).

    Expiration Date: 

No expiration date (new formula). Infinite storage / service life. Protect from frost and dust

    You can see our application instructions videos here:


    When you should replace the thermal paste / pads in your computer:

Thermal paste and thermal pads should be replaced every time that the heat sink is removed (for cleaning, upgrade or other maintenance). Replacing the thermal pads and the gummy thermal paste that is used by Apple on the memory chips is very important if the heat sink is removed because if you reuse the same thermal pads or paste the heat sink is impossible to fit perfectly again and the component will be overheated and will fail soon.
If your computer is overheated or turns off after a few hours of use. In this case the entire heatsink system must be cleaned immediately and all thermal paste and thermal pads must be replaced.

We are looking for resellers worldwide. If you are interested in reselling our products in your region please contact us with your business info and web site and we will send you our reseller offer. K5 PRO has been sold to customers in more than 75 countries worldwide and it is already sugested as the best thermal pad replacement solution on all serious forums!

Price includes VAT 24%. If you are VAT registered in EU please contact us before purchasing and we will offer a quote without VAT. Greek business customers should provide their business info in order to issue a commercial invoice. K5-PRO is produced in EU (Greece) and will be shipped directly from our production center in Thessaloniki Greece.

* Computer Systems matterials science laboratory testing : Method using a comparative technique (P. Karydopoulos, P. Frantzis, N. Karagiannis MSAIJ 2014)


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