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C.S. Laboratories main workshop is located at

Didimotihou 29

Neapoli 56727


Tel: 00302310672799

Research work, PCB repair and Data recovery services take place in this workshop.

Departments operating in main workshop:

Motherboard and other PCB repair department:

PCB repair department is equipted with 3 BGA rework stations (automated and manual), 8 workbench for PCB repairs equipted with SMD soldering stations, electronic microscope and equipment for laptop / tablet / smartphone assembling and disassembling. PCB repair department is operated by Electronics engineers, Automation engineers and computer technitians.

Data recovery department

Data recovery department is equipted with clean room, Salvation Data recovery tools, HDRC head replacement tools and 4 workstations for data recovery. Data recovery department is operated by Phd Electrical and Computer Engineer. C.S. Laboratories is the only bussiness at the moment funded by E.U. and Greece for scientific research on data recovery methods.

Material science laboratory

Leaded by Dr Panagiotis Frantzis CEng MIMechE Ma , material science department is studing the strength of materials that are used on electronic PCBs. BGA rework research project is taking place here with the funding of Greece and EU. Thanks to the research work of this department a patent protected method on BGA rework has been devoleped as well as several products like thermal paste, flux, bga coat.


Main laboratory is operating Monday - Friday 9:00 - 17:00 (GMT+3 Timezone)


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About Us

Computer Systems laboratories offer repair and data recovery services since 2008. We are the only SME workshop coofunded by Greece and EU for scientific research on BGA rework methods and on Data recovery. Thanks to our research work we can offer the highest success rate on all our services for the lowest possible cost. We also offer professional equipment, training, support and consumables for computer repair workshops. From single customers who want to repair just a broken iPhone to chain shops that want to set up a network of repair workshops, Computer Systems laboratories can offer the best complete solutions.

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