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How we work

Ask for a quote including your laptop’s symptoms and exact model


If you agree with the price that we quote prepare your computer for shipping and send it to us

step3   We will locate the exact problem and inform you about the cost. We will help you to choose the best and most economical solution for the problem. There will be no charge if you choose not to repair your laptop.

Green waste of parts: If you decide not to repair your computer or if we remove damaged parts we can arrange to have them properly wasted with environmentally friendly methods free of charge. We have deals with recycling companies and we are also researching our recycling method which we will use in the future.

Shipping methods
We can arrange to pick up your computer from your location worldwide. We use courier services of the highest quality. Greek customers can send us their laptops and receive them back for a total cost of 19Euro both ways. International customers please send us your location and post code for an exact quote.

You should have your laptop packed yourself. You should use a box similar to the original box in which you bought your laptop. You shouldn’t use very big boxes because shipping cost will be increased. You must make sure that the lcd panel is safe and that you included power supply. Battery should also be included but removed from the computer.

In any case shipping cost is not covered by our warranty!!!

We provide warrantee on our repairs and parts for 1-6 months. For the repairs the warrantee covers the repeat of the repair and if it is not possible we will fully refund your original payment. In all cases the shipping cost is covered by the owner and it is not refundable. The receipt or the invoice must be included with the returning laptop or part and the warrantee shields that we place must not be removed or damaged. If our shields are damaged the warrantee will be void.


LCD replacement 6 months
Power Jack repair 6 months
Video Board repair 4 months
No power Board repair 4 months

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About Us

Computer Systems laboratories offer repair and data recovery services since 2008. We are the only SME workshop coofunded by Greece and EU for scientific research on BGA rework methods and on Data recovery. Thanks to our research work we can offer the highest success rate on all our services for the lowest possible cost. We also offer professional equipment, training, support and consumables for computer repair workshops. From single customers who want to repair just a broken iPhone to chain shops that want to set up a network of repair workshops, Computer Systems laboratories can offer the best complete solutions.

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