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General terms for hardware repair and data recovery by the company with name Karydopoulos Panagiotis distinctive title Computer-Systems (hereinafter referred to as enterprise).

1. The initial estimate of repair costs is not binding. If during the repair are found further damage to repair equipment, repair costs may increase. In this case the customer is entitled to seek annulment of repair so removed any parts may be installed by the company and there is no charge. Symptoms of the material may be different from the original.

2. Sections in finding the damage to be repaired material (by technicians of the firm) are considered non-functional and totally damaged even if below capacity. If for any reason you do not complete the repair material then these parts may exhibit different behavior as a result the material has different symptoms. The company is not obliged in any way to restore the material in preceding partially operational.

3. The company assumes no liability for any data loss of the customer. The customer is obliged to adhere to back up files before the delivery of material to the business.

4. The company is obliged to store the material in space for up to 6 months after receiving the matter to the state of repair. For most of the time the company is entitled to claim storage costs of the material according to its pricing policy. In any case after a period of 12 months (365 days) the material is considered unclaimed and is given to a recycling company.

5. The company shall take all necessary measures to ensure there are no aesthetic damage during repairs. The company undertakes to replace parts which showed severe mechanical damage (eg broken parts) during the repair and fault of the company. In no way replaced parts which, as declared by the customer, showed slight cosmetic damage (eg light scratches) during the repair, or which were mechanical damage (eg fractures) upon receipt of the material, which deteriorated.

6. All repairs are guaranteed space which appear on the invoice or receipt with the beginning date of issue of the relevant document. To claim on the guarantee of the computer should be delivered complete laboratory (including processor, hard drive, memory ram, power supply, battery, etc.). The warranty covers the repair repeat in the same way that was done originally. Use of the guarantee does not constitute renewal. In any case not covered shipping costs or any other claim by the customer. If it is not possible to repeat the repair then the amount of the document is returned to the customer for the part relating to relative repair. Where fitting replacement is required to guarantee the repair can take several (up to 40 business days in some cases). The warranty is voided if violated any of the safety decals placed on the bottom of the computer to determine if misuse of the computer (signs of humidity inside, excessive dust or dirt, serious mechanical damage eg cracks). Only proof of warranty is the relevant document, which must accompany the computer. The warranty does not cover mechanical damage under any circumstances.

7. The initial repair time estimate is not binding. If the attachment order required time may increase significantly (more than 10 working days). The company will seek to inform the customer in case of delay. In this case the customer is entitled to seek annulment of repair so removed any parts may be installed by the company and there is no charge. Computer Symptoms may be different from the original.


Thessaloniki March 2012

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Computer Systems laboratories offer repair and data recovery services since 2008. We are the only SME workshop coofunded by Greece and EU for scientific research on BGA rework methods and on Data recovery. Thanks to our research work we can offer the highest success rate on all our services for the lowest possible cost. We also offer professional equipment, training, support and consumables for computer repair workshops. From single customers who want to repair just a broken iPhone to chain shops that want to set up a network of repair workshops, Computer Systems laboratories can offer the best complete solutions.

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