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Video Board Repair

We can repair ATI and NVIDIA video boards on laptops of ALL brands.


Most video board issues on laptops are occurred because of overheating. The repair is achieved with the method of board reconstruction. In most cases the GPU is required to be removed and replaced along with some more components that are usually affected. In most cases we will also modify the cooling system of your notebook (both passive and active parts of it) so overheating should not be a problem again. We will also provide you info about how the problem happened and what to avoid or take care in order not to cause it again because of your mistake.

For the above reasons and thanks to the complete solution that we provide, we are able to give up to 4 month warrantee for our repair while our competition usually give up to 30 days.


    Why you should repair your board and not replace it.


It is now possible to buy a board from China at a very low cost. However those boards are used and usually you will receive a refurbished board which has been repaired with a fast, cheat heating method. This is why more than 70 % of those boards give video issues in a couple of week. So why would you risk to have a damaged laptop again in a couple of weeks while you can repair your board in a EU country for half the cost?


    Our method allows us to repair all boards with ATI or Nvidia GPUs but some of the most common models that arrive in our lab are:

  1. HP Pavilion DV9000 DV9500 DV6000 DV6500 (γενικά όλα τα DV9000 , 6000, 8000, 2000, 3000 series)
  2. Compaq V3000 V6000
  3. Acer Aspire 1700, 1800, 5000 series
  4. Sony Vaio A, FS, FZ series
  5. Toshiba Quosmio series
  6. Fujitsu Siemens Amilo M3438G Pi series Pa series Xi series
  7. Asus A6R A6J κτλ
  8. Packard Bell Easynote


    Common Video board problems are:

  1. Notebook powers on but there is no video or any sounds
  2. Notebook powers on but there is no video. A sequel of sounds is heard (normally 2 short and one long)
  3. Notebook powers on but there are lines on the screen, or the screen is divided in 2 or 4 or more parts
  4. Notebook powers on but laptop will only get in windows on safe mode, in normal mode you get blue screen or the screen is corrupted.



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Computer Systems laboratories offer repair and data recovery services since 2008. We are the only SME workshop coofunded by Greece and EU for scientific research on BGA rework methods and on Data recovery. Thanks to our research work we can offer the highest success rate on all our services for the lowest possible cost. We also offer professional equipment, training, support and consumables for computer repair workshops. From single customers who want to repair just a broken iPhone to chain shops that want to set up a network of repair workshops, Computer Systems laboratories can offer the best complete solutions.

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