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  CS Flux   CS-FLUX is a low viscosity no clean / lead free flux designed by Computer Systems laboratories research team, to cover the special needs in flux usage on repairs (reballing o


CS Flux

CS-FLUX is a low viscosity no clean / lead free flux designed by Computer Systems laboratories research team, to cover the special needs in flux usage on repairs (reballing or reflow of GPU and other BGA components) of commercial electronics such as laptops, gaming consoles etc.

    Key features of CS-FLUX:

1) CS-FLUX when heated at around 150 degrees (Celsius) turns into liquid and covers the small gap between the BGA component and the PCB complitelly. This way all solder balls are covered with CS-FLUX and durring reflow or removal of the BGA componets all PCB and componet pads and balls are protected.
2) CS-FLUX is no clean flux but if needed it can be cleaned very easily with alcohol. It causes no corossion on the PCB or components.
3) Thank's to it's liquid nature, a very small amount of CS-FLUX is needed for each repair resulting in a much cleaner work enviroment.CS-FLUX is also Lead Free
4) CS-FLUX is very sticky and specially designed to keep the solder balls inside the stencil durring the reballing proccess.
5) CS-FLUX is produced in EU (Greece) and will be shipped to your workshop very fast.

    Packet contains:

3 X 5g (15g in total) of CS-FLUX+
3 X 1.6mm tips for easy application+
1 X container box where the product should be stored

    You can see our instructions video (for application of CS-FLUX before reflow or GPU removal) here:

    Application instructions.

    BGA component removal or reflow:

Open the container packet. Install the 1.6mm tip on the syringe. Keep the PCB where the BGA component that you are going to rework is located on a vertical possition. Using a heat gun or hot air soldering station set on 150 degrees (Celcium) heat the metal tip of the syringe. Place one drop of CS-FLUX on the uper side of the BGA component so that CS-FLUX can go under the component. Use the heat gun or hot air soledring station to help CS-FLUX go under the component completelly. Rotate the PCB and do the same on all 4 sides of the BGA component. You can now place the PCB on your BGA rework station for reflow or reballing

     Reballing proccess:

Install the BGA component on your BGA reballing base. Place one drop of CS-FLUX on the component and use a small brush to spread it. Place the apropriate stencil (direct heating type) on the BGA component. Please a small quantity of solder balls in the center of the stenclin and use your finger to spread them around with round moves. CS-FLUX will help to keep on solder ball in each stencil hole. Heat the stencil with a hot air soldering station at around 350-450 degrees (Celcium). Thanks to CS-FLUX all solder balls will be solder on their pads perfectly. CS-FLUX is designed to be used with lead free solder balls but can also be used with leaded solder balls if higher heating is applied.

    BGA component soldering on PCB:

Place a drop of CS-FLUX on the PCB where the BGA component will be installed and use a small brush to spread it. Place the PCB on your BGA rework station and install the BGA component. The remains of CS-FLUX can be cleaned easily with alcohol.

    Storage of Packing and Precautions:

24 months in unopened packing. 6 months in closed packing after opening. Protect from direct sunlight. Use protective gloves when mixing, eyes protection, and take usual precautions when handling chemical products like ventilation. The user is responsible for any improper use of the product.

Price includes VAT 24%. If you are VAT registered in EU please contact us before purchasing and we will offer a quote without VAT. Greek business customers should provide their business info in order to issue a commercial invoice. CS-FLUX is produced in EU (Greece) and is shipped directly from our production center in Thessaloniki Greece.

* Computer Systems matterials science laboratory testing : Method using a comparative technique (P. Karydopoulos, P. Frantzis, N. Karagiannis MSAIJ 2014)

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