KRYO33 >13W/mK high performance thermal paste 3g

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High performance thermal paste KRYO33 is the newest (April 2021) product of material science workshop of Computer Systems. After systematic research on BGA components and their cooling systems our research team developed the formula of KRYO33 which offers maximum thermal conductivity without usage of electric conductive materials. With thermal conductivity over 13W/m.k KRYO33 is so effective not only because it’s ingredients have very high thermal conductivity but also because their particles have the minimum possible size. With particle size ranging at 30nm KRYO33 behaves like viscous liquid while it is actually a cream of solid but very small particles. Most normal thermal pastes consist of some liquid silicon and thermal conductive particles. This liquid gives the cream nature of those pastes while thermal conductive particles give the thermal conductivity. For KRYO33 we didn’t use any creamy material. It consists only of thermal conductive particles which are of so small size that they behave like crème. For this reason we know for sure that KRO33 have the maximum thermal conductivity that any thermal paste can reach without using electrical conductive materials (like metals). KRYO33 can be perfectly combined with K5 PRO since both consist of very small particles. This way they allow heat sink to reach minimum possible distance from warm component even if heat sink is not flat at all areas. At the same time all gaps between heat sink and component, even the invisible gaps on metal surface, are filled with thermal conductive materials.

Key features
-Ideal for overclocking since it is superior to any thermal paste originally used by manufacturers
-Maximum possible thermal conductivity (for not electric conductive pastes)
-No curing time (system can be used immediately after application)
-Long service time (at least 8 years after application)
-Zero electric conductivity
-Can be applied on all surfaces of electronic components and PCBs even on aluminium
-Color Grey
-Specific gravity 2,9 (30% lower than competitive products so less weight is needed for same surface)
-Certification Reach, ROHS, CE
-Thermal conductivity > 13W/m.k
-Thermal resistance < 0,004 K/W
-Electric conductivity 0 pS/m
-Viscosity 120-170 Pas
-Operation temperature -90 °C / +270 °C

Designed and produced in European Union (Greece)

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