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The following applies to the return of products from purchases via credit card from the Computer-Systems website
1. Right of withdrawal from distance contracts - Return of Products
You reserve the right to return the Products you have purchased by paying by credit card from the Company's website, within fourteen (14) days of receipt, in accordance with article 3e of Law 2251/1994. You can deliver the Products directly to the Company's headquarters (64 Ionos Dragoumi, Thessaloniki), or send them at your own expense to the same address as above. In any case, before returning the Products, you can contact the Customer Service department of the Company, either by phone (tel: +30 2310672799), or by sending an e-mail (e-mail to: sales @ computer-systems. gr
In particular, you reserve the above right to return the Product you have purchased by credit card without the obligation to state the reasons, under the following terms and conditions:
(a) You have the right to withdraw from the sale (hereinafter the "Withdrawal"), within a period of fourteen (14) calendar days from the date of delivery of the Product.
(b) Withdrawal is unjustified and you are obliged to return the Product exactly in the excellent condition you received it. In particular, the returned Product must not have been used, must be in excellent condition ("as new"), as just before its sale, in its complete original packaging (box, nylon, foam, etc.) which are not they must be torn or damaged / damaged) and with all the contents of the original packaging (instructions for use, specifications and warranties, connection cables, etc.). In addition, in order for the Product to be returned, the original purchase document (retail receipt, invoice) must be presented by the person who originally purchased the Product and whose details are recorded on the purchase document.
(c) The return of the Product is accepted, only if you have previously paid any amount that may have been charged to the Company for the shipment of the Product to you and the shipping costs for its return.
(d) You are obliged to return the Product within fourteen (14) calendar days from the day on which you notified Us of the Withdrawal and we have received proven knowledge of it. The return is made at the headquarters of the Company (Ionos Dragoumi 64, Thessaloniki).
(e) Following the Withdrawal Statement, we are obliged to reimburse you for the price we received for the returned Product. The refund to you will be made no later than the same period of fourteen (14) calendar days from the time we received proven knowledge of your Withdrawal.
(f) In other respects, the provisions of Law 2251/1994 apply to your right of Withdrawal, its conditions and its exercise, as it does in any other (existing or future) applicable legislation.

2 Exceptions to the Right of Withdrawal
The above right of your Withdrawal, indicatively and not restrictively does not apply:
(a) In cases where the price of the Products has been paid at the Company's headquarters and in addition, or the Products have been presented to the customer during the presentation of the Product or have been received from the Company's headquarters, as the sale is not considered to have been made remotely and does not fall under the protective provisions of Law 2251/1994.
(b) For the rest, for the exceptions from your Right of Withdrawal, its conditions and its exercise, the provisions of article 3b Law 2251/1994 apply, as in any other (existing or future) applicable legislation.

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